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So the tumblr was a bad idea. It was great for pictures, but required a login id. Here is my newest and final blog. It is a google one, so I am absolutely sure that it can be viewed without a login and via rss or email.


Dissapointed with this blog

WordPress is sort of broken. It is nigh impossible to make a post with multiple photos. Therefore, I have decided to open up a tumblr blog instead. Don’t check this one anymore, check the tumblr. Here’s the url.

Pictures from Today’s Walking Tour

Night on the town

Tonight was my first dinner in Oxford. I went out with 6 other incredibly enjoyable people to “Jamie’s Italian”. It was Jamie Oliver’s Oxford Italian eatery, and it did not disappoint. I got a sampler platter of salami, which was sliced thin but exploded with spicy and meat-fatty goodness. I ordered a white wine and caper sauce pasta dish with fish. It was flavorful and very well balanced. 20110908-105206.jpg

The best part of dinner was sharing food with everyone. O tried the most….spiritually enlightening…earth shattering bone marrow with risotto and fried bay leaf ever. After I ate it, I even played with the skeletal remains of the blessed animal.

At the pub with Kerem


This country is a postcard, and the city is beautiful. Everywhere I go I am amazed by the little differences between British life and American. I am so happy. This picture is of me and my roommate Kerem. I think we are a good team.

London Calling

The start of Egoism

Hey friends,

I, Connor Land, just started my first blog. I am flying to Oxford tomorrow to begin the term, and I thought this travel blog would be a fun way to keep people updated on my comings and goings. I am sure I will miss you, and your feedback on my blog will be one way that I can stay connected.

Just for discussion’s sake, I am reading The Ebb-Tide. A Trio and Quartette by Robert Louis Stevenson for class. It is an awesome book about some beach bums who decide to steal a ship and move up in the world like gangsters. I think it sends a message that no matter how much of a failure you are, you can always cheat your way to success. You know, a message for the children. I have also finished King Solomon’s Mines and She for this class, Dr. David Bradshaw’s “Tales of Unrest in the 19th Century”. I highly recommend King Solomon’s Mines. Best treasure story ever.

Music-wise, I have been listening to Flogging Molly’s new album Speed of Darkness and Red Hot Chili Pepper’s new album I’m With You. They are both stellar and I highly advise listening to them stat.


Here’s hoping that this WordPress doesn’t suck.


Thanks for Coming

I miss the States and the people in it, so leave me a comment if anything struck your fancy.

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